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Ready to get serious about your language learning journey?

Traplingual offers a variety of individualized lessons, personalized tutoring, and small group classes! 

1-on-1 Lessons

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2 Weekly Sessions


Individualized Spanish Lessons

 crafted to teach and supplement the Spanish they are being exposed to in class. Homework help, text preparation, project feedback, conversation practice and more. 


Ideal for students currently taking Spanish in school with assignment completion, exam preparation, and lesson reinforcement.


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Group Classes for Beginners & Intermediate Learners

3 Weekly Virtual Classes
- Beginner Class

$170 /month
Early Bird discount $145/month


Small group class (max. 13)

55 minute virtual class that includes:

- instructional lesson

-in class conversation practice

-on the spot feedback

-take home resources

On-Demand Lessons

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Access 3 Pre-recorded Spanish lessons each month with 1 practice activity with feedback provided via email. Watch videos whenever they fit in your schedule. Ask questions via email. 

Coming soon

Monthly Video Lessons & Practice


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